Is Rotimi Amaechi a Human being?

Former Aviation Minister, Chief Fani-Kayode, has said that any attempt to cover up owner of the sums of $43million, £27,800 pounds and N23 million recovered by the Economic and..

Man marries two wives thesame Day and denies hv 4 rounds of s3x with each of them..

Many Nigerians are of the opinion that it’s not possible for the man who married two wives same day to make love to his wives every night, going two rounds each...

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At a press briefing held by Victor Uwaje in Abuja, Senator Andy Uba was accused of being in possession of two different o-level results from two different schools..

Saturday, April 29, 2017

See Gobe As Barcelona Fan Causes Commotion In Lagos (See Photo)

See Gobe As Barcelona Fan Causes Commotion In Lagos (See Photo)

The certain middle aged man who calls himself Igwe Barca was spotted with an array of unexpected 'drama' all over him.

He was seen rocking an epic haircut with a Barcelona inspired agbada.

The fanatic who is obviously an ardent fan of Spanish giants Barcelona attracted the attention of passersby who wondered in amazement how a man can be so passionate about his football club to such extent.

Nigerians are staunch supporters of several clubs in Europe. Recall that about seven people were reported killed recently when a live electric cable dropped on a viewing centre in Calabar during a Europa League match between Manchester United and Anderlecht.
See More Photos:




My friends in University of Ibadan knows Ayomide very well even without her knowing them including my twin brother. They do call me in order to advise me about my relationship with Ayomide, some of them said she had a boyfriend inside the school and that i should just quit, but i find it very difficult to let go of Ayomide.

I kept on suffering for her love, both day and night. I decided to go to Ibadan to check on Ayomide and finds out if all I’ve been hearing was true, i called and informed her about my coming and she said am most welcome. 

Three days later, i left for Ibadan. When i got there i couldn’t withstood Ayomide’s behaviour, I was just surprise about everything am seeing. Later in the evening, i connected her phone to my laptop, i wanted to copy some videos from her phone but to my surprise, i saw what i was looking for. 

Some record videos of Ayomide and her friends with her boyfriend at a party in a hotel on her birthday. I felt like the ground should open so that i can just entered, i couldn’t believed Ayomide could do what i was seeing. 

To my greatest surprise, she did not even feel sorry, all she could tell me when i demanded for an examination was to go to hell, i felt like killing myself.

I left Ayomide’s house in annoyance that night and returned back to Abeokuta, she did not bothered to call me or ask of my where about, it was then i made up my mind and i know everything was over. 

It’s wasn’t that easy for me to erase Ayomide’s memory from my head but i have no choice. The only thing i knew to do best was to cry, both day and night. I know i caused alot of my problems with my hands, i guess it was too last when i was trying to brings things back together.

The second day that i left Ayomide’s house at Ibadan, my twin brother called me and informed me that Ayomide’s corpse was found in her house early morning.

“Jesus” i shouted..!
“How come?..”
“How did it happened?..”
These are the questions i was asking my twin brother!
“Or did she kill herself because of me?..”
“But that’s not possible na!..”

I was still in a deep thought when my brother called me back and confirmed that her boyfriend was among the cult members and they kill Ayomide in order to dealt with him as a result of him trying to quite their society.

“God! So Ayomide is gone for real!..”
“They kill her the same night i left her house in annoyance!..”
“Maybe i would have helped her out if i had slept over that night!..”
“What if they out numbered me and kill me as well?..”
“What will have been my parents gain?..”
“People will now say i died because of a women!..”

“Army will even charge my corpse and dismissed me even after am dead”
“My family will not have a single benefit from the years I’ve served my father’s land”
God i thank you ooo
I was in tears while i was thinking of all these things, the lady i loved is gone forever and ever. “How on earth can i cope without Ayomide?” I concluded!
But i thanked God i wasn’t a victim of bad circumstances…

The End….



I just kept my head straight, i love Ayomide more than anything and that’s why i don’t want to misuse the second chance she gave to me. I continued with her for months but everything wasn’t the way i wanted.

“She wouldn’t call me back anytime she missed my call..”
“She don’t call me unless i do the calling…”
“Even if she was online on social media, to reply my chat is another problem..”
This is not the way i wanted our relationship to look like, but i felt i did not have a choice.

 I felt it was all my fault to have left her for another girl in the first place.
“Why is she now behaving like this now that I’m truly back for her..”
“How can’t play along with her like this?..” I was fed up.

I no longer concentrate at work again as all i do is just to engage myself with thinking about her, sometimes is do make silly mistakes as a result of been carried away in thought during working hours. Life becomes miserable for me, moses would just advice me to let go of her and move on with my life. I wish i can just do what he ask me to do but it’s just too difficult for me. I tried so many times trying to forget about her but i couldn’t.

“How i wish someone could help me explain how much and loved her and the kind of feelings i have for her, i guess she did not have a single ideal of how much i loved and cared about her..”

“Even if I’m serving the punishment of leaving her for another girl earlier, i think i should have finished it..”

One day i made up my mind not to call Ayomide throughout a day, i think i would be able to find out if she really cares about me. I decided to put my phone in silent mode, dropped it at the bottom of my bag and check it back the next day. It wasn’t that easy for me, i was tempted to picked the phone and called her because i can’t just do without her but i tried as much as could to controlled myself.

The next day, i quickly went straight to where i kept my phone in order to check how many missed calls I’ve gotten in total and how many i would have from Ayomide. I was so surprised when i saw forty three missed call in total but if felt like killing myself as there was no single missed from Ayomide.

“So this girl did not even call me” Tears formed in my eyes.
I knew she did not have any feelings for me anymore from that moment. I couldn’t help myself but to cry, i love Ayomide so much, i wanted to make her the best woman she can ever be but she wouldn’t give me the chance.

 I came to understand that anytime she needs anything from me, she will be cool and calm with me at that moment but as soon as she got what she wants, i look like trash in her presence again.

That month, I had planed to go home by ending as soon as i gets my salary, i called my mum and informed her about my coming and she had already be anticipating me. About nine days to the day i planned to go home, Ayomide called me and said she wants to get another new phone as the one she’s using is no longer good and it doesn’t allow her to chat with me frequently.

 I have no regret sending her the money I’m supposed to use to travelled home at month end for her to purchased the phone of her choice and i called to cancelled my traveling. Just after some days after i sent her the money, she resumed back with her altitude.

Despite all these things, i still can’t explain if it is love or madness that has taken over me as i would still move mountain to meet up with her needs.
I was still having that hope that one day Ayomide will changed for good and realized how much i loved and care about her, but what a stupid and useless hope I’ve been having since all this while!
Love is indeed blind” I guessed!…




“I will figure it out” I replied moses as we both left for soldiers club that evening.*****The next day*****I was on call with Ayomide, we gistted about a lot of things. I told her it was just as if i was tricked in to the relationship with Lucy because I’m unable to figure out how i started loving her.

“You also aided me!…” I concluded!
“I hoped by now you would have know what is right and what is wrong” I asked playfully.

“You’re not serious…” she replied with a smile.
“Most especially, your Unappreciative and not accepting your flaws whenever you are wrong…” I smile!
“Those are things of the past please…”, Ok? “Let just forget them, am sorry…” She concluded.

That last line of her words makes me feel better, i felt she had really changed from the bad girl she was before. We spent minutes on phone cracking jokes, she then said she wants to attended one of her friends birthday party and she did not have money to buy cloth they choose.

 I asked her how much she will needed for the clothes and she said ten thousand naira. I felt i have no worries giving her the money in as much as all i wanted is just her happiness. I still have her account number, i was on Sunday, i wasted no time in transferring the money through my internet banking. She called me and thanks me so much as soon as she got the alert, i was very happy, at least she’s now happy having me back.

I decided to call moses and informed him about the latest, he will definitely be the last person i will ever lied to.

****In a Happy Mood****
Me: ****Phone Rings****
Moses: What’s up dude! How you f-----g doing?
Me: Am cool and you
Moses: Same at this end
Me: I just want to let you know what came up between Ayomide and i today
Moses: Oya gist me
Me: She said she wanna attends one of her friend’s birthday party and that she needs to buy cloths
Moses: So what will now happened?
Me: I’ve send her ten thousand naira but seriously, she as changed! You won’t believed she call me back and thanked me immediately she received the money.
Moses: How did you send the money to her so quick?
Me: You’ve forgotten i have activated Internet banking
Moses: Oh! That’s right… But let me asked you one question
Me: What’s that?
Moses: Since you’ve been dating Ayomide, even before you left her in the first place. “Has she ever ask you money before?…”
Me: No!
Moses: So where did she learn the habit of asking now
Me: But i don’t think there is anything wrong with her asking me money na
Moses: So what if you did not have the money then you will have no option than to go and steal it.
Me: Why would i go and steal. I will tell her that i did not have now
Moses: That’s what am saying, you have to be very careful with the way you will be sending her money, remembered that money is not love and love is not money.
Me: You are right but, you know we’ve just reconcile, i have to fulfil her wish in order to make her happy
Moses: I know! But i felt it’s too early for her to be asking you for money as well. Afterall you guyz just reconciled! Guy always and inform me before you send her any money again.
Me: Alright dude
Moses: No Prob Baddo
****Call ended*****
I partially agreed with moses and at the same time felt it’s nothing for her to ask me for money but obviously, it’s not of her before as she knows i definitely know when she needs anything at all.
I guess…
“It kinda difficult for me to reads Ayomide’s mind!…”
“She has just offer me a second chance and i don’t wanna f--k with it!…”
“What if she’s back for real just because she loves me!…”
“But how will i know she if she’s only playing me!…”
“Even if she’s here to play me, i can’t let her slip off my finger just because of the love i have for her!…”

“I wanted Ayomide for the rest of my life!…”
“With her by my side, am always complete…”
My heart is now divided! Can someone just help me out of this web!…


DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Di’ja – “Wan Chop”

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Di’ja – “Wan Chop”

Di’ja – “Wan Chop” Mp3 , Video Download

Mavin Records Singer, Di’Ja Drops The Official Video Of Her Single Wan Chop
Check Out The Crispy Fresh Video.

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Lifestory !!! See How This Man Killed His Brother In Cold Blood Over Girlfriend In Abia State [Very Disturbing Photos]

One Ifeanyi Okali Ubaka shared the very sad story on Facebook. He explained how the brothers argued leading one of them to his death.
The cuts were so horrible and one will be forced to say, he actually meant to kill him, not injure him. Really really sad.
See What Ifeanyi wrote:-
‘Two brothers fights over a girl friend… This incident happened yesterday at Amaoba Village in Ikwuano LGA, Abia state.
Two brothers from the same village Amaoba, fights over a girl friend. I gathered that the young man lying dead, started the fight by hitting his brother, asking why he choose to go out with his girl friend, not knowing that his brother was prepared for him. He cut him with a matchet, unfortunately for him….he couldn’t survive the cuts.’ Continue…
See Graphic Photos  below:-


This Crazy Lady Covered Herself In Leaf All in The Name Of Fashion (Photos)

This Crazy Lady Covered Herself In Leaf  All in The Name Of Fashion (Photos)

This lady decided to go unclad in order to show her “sexiness” while posing for pictures -covering her sensitive parts with just a leaf..Some netizens have blasted her for such ‘end time’ photo-shoot while others are hailing her for being “natural”. …


This Nigerian Girl Says She Can Have F**k 60 Men In A Day And Also Shares N**e Photos

Nigerian lady, who recently shared her total nekeady video, bragging about her s*xual prowess (Watch HERE if you missed it) has shred more crazy photo…

See below;

Photos Of Lady Who Died While Undergoing Plastic Surgery.

See Shocking Photos Of Lady Who Died While Undergoing Plastic Surgery

Report has it that Kristyna Martelli also known as HBD (Human Blow Up Doll), died during her latest plastic surgery procedure.

Her friend, Amy Anderssen, confirmed the sombre news in the only way an insta-hoe knows how – with an IG post.
So, after undergoing a reported 100 operations on her ass alone, is it any wonder this lady died from complications during surgery?
At what point should this kind of repeated surgical enhancement become not only an obvious risk to the patient; but to the doctor’s medical career as well? How is this ok?
How can this woman, who clearly has a fucking body image disorder, get surgery after surgery until she dies and no one stops her?
Unfortunately, it seems no one HAS TO stop her. As long as she had the cash someone would always be there to pump in more filler. See her shocking photos below;


I Always Have S*x In My Dream And Ejaculate In Real Life - 18 Year Old Boy Shares His Experience

 I Always Have S*x In My Dream And Ejaculate  In Real Life
If any man in the street should tell me this, i will never and never believe it.
A young boy whom he said he his 18-years-old shares the shocking experience he had all night.
He wrote:
Please you people should help me ooo.
I think i am possessed cause each time i sleep at night, i normally dream of having sexual intercourse with unkown women and in the morning, the bed will be so rough and i will have ejaculated all around the bed.
My fellow people, please i told my sister about this cause our parent aren’t in Nigeria at the moment, but she told me to wait until mom and dad are back.
Please what should i do?


Read Tweets Of Man Ends 3yrs Friendship With Close Friend Who Ej@culated While Girlfr!end…

Man Ends 3yrs Friendship With Close Friend Who Ej@culated While Girlfr!end…

Man ends 3 years friendship with close friend who ejaculated while girlfriend sat on his laps (Story)
Here is a hilarious story of how a guy ended 3 years friendship with his close friend after he ejaculated while lapping his girlfriend.

See details below :


PLEASE HELP!!! I Had S*x With My Girlfriend’s Sister And This As Been Making Me Go Crazy, What Should I Do?

  I Had S*x With My Girlfriend’s Sister And This As Been Making Me Go Crazy
A guilty man has begged relationship expert, Deidre to help him overcome a dilemma after he started cheating on the girlfriend following a hot s*x.
I am having awesome secret s*x with my girlfriend’s sister. We know it’s wrong but just can’t help ourselves. I invited her back to my place for a drink after we had been at a mutual friend’s party.
My girlfriend is a nurse and was on a night shift that evening. I am 27 and she is 25. We have been together for six years and most of that time it’s been great but lately we haven’t been getting on and have been arguing quite a bit.
We are not physical in any way at the moment either. I think some of it is down to my girlfriend working shifts — we can never plan anything together. I have always got on well with her sister. She is 23, sexy and really good fun.
She agreed to come back to my flat that night and on the way, as we were talking and laughing I realised that we had a real connection. We couldn’t stop flirting all the way there.
It felt really good and I jokingly said that it felt like our first date. When we got back home we ended up finishing a bottle of wine. I got up to make some coffee to try to sober up, but first I reached over to give her a kiss. She kissed me back and one thing led to another.
We ended up having s*x. It was out of this world but I felt so guilty afterwards, especially when I thought of my girlfriend working so hard at the hospital.
Her sister and I have been in contact constantly since that night and have had s*x a number of times. She says she has feelings for me and I’m the same. I am falling for her big-time.
The only problem is the connection between my girlfriend and her sister. How do I tell my girlfriend that I no longer want to be with her? What should I do?

Rita Ora Steps Out In Style - You Can See Her Ni**lesThrough Top With No Bra (See Photos)

Singer and actress, Rita Ora, left her hotel in NYC on Thursday rocking a slick all-black suit with a see-through leotard and no bra underneath.
Sexy or Trashy?
Photo credit – TMZ

Nollywood Actor Uche Maduagwu Warns Popular Nollywood Actresses To Stop Sucking His Ni.pples

Nollywood Actor  Uche Maduagwu Warns Popular Nollywood Actresses To Stop Sucking His Ni.pples

As written by the Nollywood actor and shared on his Instagram page:
Please stop sucking my n!pples… I don’t know why every time am on a movie location especially in Enugu, popular actresses are fond of sucking my n!pples illegally without even taking permission from the owner of the n!pples.💋

If this ugly trend continues, I might have to start calling out the names of all the popular actresses that have been disturbing my sexy n!pples anytime am asleep…🎬 Enough is enough.
Nollywood Actor  Uche Maduagwu
Nollywood Actor  Uche Maduagwu Warns Popular Nollywood Actresses To Stop Sucking His Ni.pples
Nollywood Actor  Uche Maduagwu Warns Popular Nollywood Actresses To Stop Sucking His Ni.pples


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